Thursday 28th July 2011
After a year of planning & no shortage of training miles (not that they would ever have been deemed as anything other than a nice walk in the hills), my mother conquered the Coast to Coast Walk yesterday afternoon & waded into the North Sea at Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire, to celebrate.

The Coast to Coast is no mean feat..   The brainchild of renowned author & walking enthusiast, Alfred Wainwright, the route starts at St Bedes, beside the Irish Sea, then crosses the peaks of the Lake District, over the Pennines, down into Swaledale, before negotiating the North Yorkshire Moors & finally reaching the east coast.  A recent calculation revised the initial estimation by Wainwright of 192 miles & incorporating some minor revisions due to increased traffic & erosion, measured the modern-day route at 220 miles.

Mum managed to negotiate the route over a consecutive ten day window, accompanied by one of her friends, after a third member of the expedition had to withdraw on day 2 with a foot injury.  The feat matches that achieved by my father during his early 40s, so you know what that means, don't you?  Yes, it looks like the Coast to Coast walk challenge has been laid down by my parents & will have to accepted over the coming years!

In the meantime, "Congratulations" mum, another great achievement!   
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