London, England
Wednesday 3rd August 2011
One of the hardest things about travelling around so much with work, is that when you come back to normality, everything seems a little mundane & a little "run of the mill".  In addition to those feelings, I've had a lot of paperwork to do since my return too - a debrief report for the World Youth Championships has been something I have chewed through over the last couple of days in between some of the athletes I work with dropping by.  It has to be done but when it's hot & sunny outside, the last thing you want to do is sit at a desk!

However, to counter that it has been good to see some familiar faces again & join in the banter.  Today the chat has been wicked...all about a certain social media imposter.  About 24 hours ago, a parody character of UK Athletics' Head Coach, Charles van Commenee (pictured left with Aston Moore during our warm weather training camp in Formia, Italy earlier this year), introduced himself to all on Twitter under the guise "Charles van Comedy" seems no one's views, approaches or actions are safe from scrutiny, debate & in certain instances ridicule.  The tweets have divided opinion to be honest, some seeing the funny side & suggesting we all need to laugh at ourselves once in a while, whereas others see the joke as going a little too far on occasion & putting UK Athletics in a bad light.  One thing no one can decide upon though - "who actually IS Charles van Comedy?"

Is he a he or is he actually a she?  Is he a disgruntled athlete with an axe to grind?  Is he an athlete with a mischievous sense of humour?  Is he a sprinter, or a thrower?  Is he based in the Midlands or at Lee Valley?  So many questions, so if you have any opinion on or insight into the matter, drop your thoughts on my contact page...
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