Bruges, Belgium
Sunday 4th September 2011
When I returned from Switzerland in 2008 to plan & develop the new business ideas I had been bouncing around in my head & discussing with my now business partner, Stephen "Mutchy" Mutch, I kept my clinical skills up to speed by doing consultancy work. My flexibility ensured that I got to treat a large variety of clients & within that a spectrum of athletes from different sports.

Over the years I have developed my opinion on how different sports shape the musculoskeletal system & one athlete I learnt a lot from working with was Scottish trials cyclist Danny MacAskill. Danny had just signed for Red Bull & was preparing to embark on a project that was to see him film back home on the Isle of Skye (Way Back Home). I was amazed by how physical Danny's sport was but also how he had progressed so far with minimal conditioning input & work away from the bike. The impact forces absorbed on landing the drops from great heights, the power generation required to achieve the air time & the damage sustained practising the incredible skills you see on his movies have all shaped Danny's body accordingly...& yet this incredible athlete continues to push the boundaries of his sport.

If you haven't seen Danny in action before, watch these YouTube clips below. If you have, check out Danny's latest offering, Industrial Revolutions.

Industrial Revolutions

Way Back Home

Streets of London

Inspired Bicycles

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