San Diego, USA
Tuesday 27th September 2011
It's been a long long day...& now here I am in San Diego.  I can't really tell you what it's like yet as we flew in at dusk & arrived at the hotel in the dark.  I am here as a guest of DJO Global along with 9 foot & ankle consultants from the British Isles.  After meeting for lunch at Gordon Ramsay's in Heathrow's T5, the chat was already flowing, despite the fact that most of us were in the company of complete strangers.  We boarded the plane & prepared ourselves for the 10 hour flight ahead but true to form, I was asleep by the time the wheels had the left the tarmac!

My first impressions of all are very favourable & the DJO staff that are accompanying us are extremely friendly chaps too.  Yet, given the long flight & 8 hour time difference here on the West Coast of the States, most departed to bed as soon as supper was finished.  Tomorrow we head to the head office first thing before heading to Tijuana & DJO's main manufacturing & distribution facility.

So, it's good night from me & I'm looking forward to filling you in on what appears to be a rather busy itinerary between now & Saturday night.

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