Iten, Kenya
Saturday 5th November 2011

The first surprise of the day was that I could get out of bed without too much pain after yesterday's misadventures.  The second was that a 10 mile cycle chaperoning Andy Baddeley, Mark Draper & Paul Pollock actually felt good…even at 7.30 in the morning (these crazy endurance guys!).  The route we took was stunning, through local farm land with plenty of rather aggressive undulations, past local schools with their armies of enthusiastic kids cheerleading our efforts & carefully constructed circular huts.  The route is one well worn by this training group & so each land mark has been christened with more illustrious names than I am sure the locals have afforded them, such as Treacle Hill (a 2 mile long persistent incline) & Stinky School (a school with rather potent outside toilets at the corner of the playground, which borders the road).

After another busy afternoon in clinic, John & I then decided to get back to the running & bashed out a four mile loop christened “Calf Loop”, which is rather unsurprisingly smaller than “Cow Loop”…ingenious!  To finish, though we decided to head to Kerio View, a hotel on the edge of the Rift Valley.  There we were met by one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen.  Way down below the plateau, lay an African wilderness with water holes & a meandering river. 

The photo does the scene absolutely no justice whatsoever & you certainly get no idea of the scale of the area.  Whilst you can’t see any signs of civilisation below, neither can you see the big game that is down there but you could certainly hear the bellows of the elephants reverberating around the steep sided walls.  It was one of those moments where I reminded myself just how lucky I am that work drops me in places such as these for a couple of weeks at a time.  

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