Iten, Kenya
Saturday 5th November 2011

I sit here about an hour from my departure back down to Eldoret, then destination Nairobi before arriving back in London in the early hours of Sunday morning.  The sun is shining but the storm clouds are not too far away down the Rift Valley & the humidity is rising so I am expecting to be running the same gauntlet that Charles & John ran on their flights back over to Nairobi over the last two days.

This morning was another hard session day but given the state of play under foot, the group split into two groups.  One group headed down to the track to do some tempo work & hills there, whilst the other group chose to do their work on the trails.

I opted to head down to the track & did a variation of the session, albeit slightly less intense.  Given the history of the track in endurance running, I felt it important to leave here having done at least one session on it myself.  So, after running down from the HiATC with the group & feeling a little out of place in the company of so many international athletes, I bashed out a 1 mile tempo session at the track, followed by 6 hill reps of 30 45 second duration.  Then, after taking a back seat to watch the guys finish their track work, I jogged back up to the HiATC in time for lunch.

So after a quick hand over to Toby of all the athletes, I have now packed & am waiting for the taxi to take me to the airport...see you back in Blighty

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