Twickenham, England
Tuesday 8th November 2011
Well, after a rather intensive couple of days at Twickenham, I am now, once again certified to stand by the side of a pitch & save lives!  The practical scenario I was given revolved around a rugby player landing awkwardly, a fight breaking out on top of him & my assessment revealing a potential neck injury & pelvic fracture, whilst the 100 MCQ written paper covered every chapter in our course manual.

Prior to the exams, this morning we covered open fracture reduction to address neuro-vascular compromise, shoulder & ankle relocation techniques as well as wound management updates.  We also worked through an exhaustive selection of complex sporting scenarios that were diligently acted out by Barney & Phil, which provided some entertaining moments.

All in all, it probably wasn't the easiest two days to ease my way back into work in the UK following a two week endurance camp in Kenya but it was an enjoyable course & my mentors & colleagues were great to work with.  

Now I am ready for see you tomorrow!
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