Edinburgh, Scotland
Monday 14th November 2011
Finally, I am taking some time to myself & having some annual leave.  I love my job, the intensity it requires & the travel that it involves but it does mean that when you get to the back end of a few months of camps & competitions, the wall looms large.  In our profession we give a lot & it is vital that the energy levels that are portrayed are high - no one needs an energy-sapper in a performance environment.

My plans had been either: to travel to Morocco, hire a car & road-trip from Marrakesh to Casablanca, along the coast to Tangiers & then down to Fez; take a cruise down the Nile to go & see all the old temples, pyramids & ancient settlements of Egypt; or head to Jordan to visit the ancient City of Petra.  Unfortunately, plans fell through & after spending a couple of days in the Cotswolds, I have headed home to work on my business projects with Mutchy & Ian.

In some of the time I have had to myself, I have been catching up on some reading & I came across a rather appropriate article discussing tips for travelling by Catherine Paddock.  As per usual jet lag was discussed in depth but there were also some interesting ideas on other aspects of the journey such as picking a good seat on the aeroplane & pointers for those people that have a fear of flying...& believe me I have worked with several people in this industry who cling on tightly to the arm rests when the plane hurtles down the runway!

The article is entitled "Tips for Healthy Flying" & can be accessed by clicking the link below

The sources of reference were also very different to those that I have taken information from in the past, drawing on material from the airline industry in addition to blogs & web-based resources, as opposed to more academic institutions.  As a result I feel the article provides a good balance to the information that I have discussed on the Blog previously: 

I have done a bit more wider reading around this article & have also found the following links that I thought were very relevant & really informative (especially the latter, which is well researched & extremely thorough):

Let me know what you think about these articles in the comments box below & in the meantime, safe travels!!!!
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