Edinburgh, Scotland
Monday 28th November 2011
A brief break from the norm, as I occasionally like to do to mix things up & prevent us from getting a bit too high brow on the blog. Today brings a musical theme & I am delighted to hear that Bwani Junction have now released their new album, "Fully Cocked" & it is getting some esteemed acclaim.

The talented band of boys from Edinburgh, headed by Rory Fairweather have also produced their first video which was uploaded onto YouTube earlier today. Have a look below & see what you think...

If that floats your boat, & to be perfectly honest you'd be a bit peculiar if it didn't, then head onto the iTunes store & buy the album (you'll find it in the Alternative Music section or by clicking this link).  Let's spread the Bwani Junction vibe internationally!!!

Furthermore, I am told they will be in London next week at the following venues:

Wednesday, December 7th @ 19.15 in the Dublin Castle, Camden
Saturday, December 10th @ 16.00 o'clock as part of the "December Session" at the O2 Arena

Delighted to say, it looks like the plan to "Gig the Gap" went according to plan!  Congratulations guys...
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