London, England
Monday 23rd January 2012
Happy New Year! Once again the greeting rings true as the rabbit hops out the door & Year of the Dragon gets under way. The Dragon is the fifth & "mightiest" of the Chinese Zodiac positions & being born under the sign of the Dragon myself, it will come of no surprise to those of you that know me, that Dragons are seen to be ambitious, driven people, preferring to live under their own rules, whilst rising to challenges with passion & enthusiasm.

So, firecrackers out the window, tangerines in the fruit bowl & fortune cookies in the hand, how are we going to celebrate? Well, after a busy period working in rugby league events, my friend Iona has managed to work her magic with the editing software & so now I can fulfil a promise I made to you back in the summer. You may remember that whilst on the endurance camp in Font Romeu, I mentioned an interview with Dr Andy Jones, Professor of Applied Physiology at the University of Exeter & Consultant Exercise Physiologist for UK Athletics. Andy offered some insight into his work with the endurance programme & gave a great explanation of why dietary nitrate is so effective. Andy really has a gift for being able to explain complex physiology in a way that everyone can understand it - this really is a great interview, so I hope you enjoy it & learn a lot.

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