Chiang Mai, Thailand
Tuesday 3rd September 2013
Whilst I was working for UK Athletics, or British Athletics as it become towards the end of my time consulting for them, I was very fortunate to work with some fantastic coaches.  All from very different backgrounds, with very different perspectives on life, as well as work & I can honestly say I learnt something valuable from each of them.

After the end of the Olympics, the review of the service provision that followed saw a lot of people leave the organisation because they felt like it was time for a change, the structure wasn't going to accommodate them or because they weren't comfortable staying with the changes that were planned.  Nothing unusual, just the usual transitional issues.

One of the coaches that left around the same time as myself, Tony Lester, moved to Sky to head up a new initiative called the Sky Sports Scholarships.  The role demanded that Tony identified 12 athletes, from a variety of sports, who demonstrated potential to be the stars of the future.  The challenge sounded an exciting one & I was delighted to read yesterday that the first 12 athletes have been identified.

Click on the link below to read more about the Scholarship programme & who will be working with Tony & Sky's support.  I am delighted to say that Louis Persent, Jess Judd & Holly Bleasdale are all counted in that number.  Louis for one deserves a break after a tough year with injury last year, whilst I am also delighted for Jess & her coach Rob Denmark who have had a fantastic first year working together.  Congratulations to you all & I am really happy to see that the work Tony is doing is taking off!!!

In another week of great news, congratulations are also in order for GB rowers Helen (Glover) & Andy (Triggs-Hodge).  I had such fun working with Helen & Andy during the filming of Superstars last year...absolutely fantastic people & great athletes.  

After London 2012, Helen changed oarswoman to pair up with Polly Swann but it's no surprise that despite a greater weight of expectation following her Gold at the Olympics, Helen & Polly were again victorious in last week's World Championships in South Korea.  The women's pair also won three World Cup regattas this year & finish the season unbeaten...time for a well-deserved break I imagine.  So impressive, Helen, well done!! 

Andy & the men's eight followed up Helen & Polly's success on the next day of the Championships & surprisingly for all of GB's rowing pedigree, this was the first time in the event's history that they have won the gold.  The team held off Olympic Champions Germany & the USA to cross the line over half a second up on the silver medal boat, in rowing's blue riband event.  What an achievement guys...congratulations.

Not a bad few days at the office for some of the incredible sportsmen & women I've had the pleasure of working with in my past sports physiotherapy adventures.

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