London, England
Wednesday 10th August 2011
Who would have thought that a trip to your local Indian restaurant, might just be what the doctor ordered if you are struggling with an achilles tendinopathy?  But research recently published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry suggests that curcurmin extract may be able to suppress the mechanisms responsible for triggering inflammation in tendon disorders.

Curcurmin, known for giving turmeric its bright yellow colour, "blocks important inflammatory pathways known to initiate tendinitis".  Previous studies have already linked curcurmin to potential beneficial results in treating osteoarthritis, recurrent anterior uveitis & even cancers, given its ability to target specific inflammatory signalling pathways. 

The current study used a "culture model of human tendon tissue" to assess the effect of curcurmin on the inflammatory & degenerative pathways, subsequently finding that it "inhibited interleukin-1beta-induced inflammation & cell death in the tendon cultures".

The study, by Buhrmann et al (2011) was conducted in a joint investigation by scientists at the University of Nottingham & the Ludwig Maximilian's University in Munich & is well worth a read.  Please click the link below to find out more: 

Keep checking back for a pertinent recipe, as EIS/UK Athletics Nutritionist, Glenn Kearney, has offered to post the secrets to creating some culinary masterpieces that are also conducive to maintaining a performance lifestyle.  Glenn will contribute once a month (or more if you are lucky) with the aim of addressing some of the different issues he encounters on a daily basis with our athletes.

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