Edinburgh, Scotland
Wednesday 1st February 2012
So as the sun set on 2011 & a year full of change, travels & adventure came to a tidy conclusion, so the dawn broke this morning, to welcome in 2012, a year which if anything, is likely to be one of extremes!  I can't say I was thoroughly awake when I took this picture but it certainly was worth capturing.

I have continued to grow & push myself in 2011, meeting some fantastically inspirational people along the way, whilst taking in new cultures & countries to boot.  Friends have been a great support with the changes in lifestyle, particularly spending more time in London & my business partners continue to bring a boundless energy to our various ventures (one even managed to cram an MBE in at the close as well...well done mate!).  My family have, as ever, met their various challenges full on & it was fantastic to be able to spend some time with many of them over Christmas.  Thank you to you all!!!

2012 promises to be an exciting year on all fronts, both in terms of the businesses ready to take their next steps, UK Athletics & the athletes we spend so much time working with will reach new heights in London this summer & personally, with so many good friends getting married (wedding season starts in March this year) I am looking forward to the various reunions that these will no doubt prompt.

May I wish each & every one of you a happy, healthy & successful year ahead...we only get to live it once, so let's do it properly!!!!

Best wishes

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