Chiang Rai, Thailand
Friday 23rd August 2013
In the middle of next month, I will be flying back to London to speak at a conference hosted by the Fortis Medical Group in conjunction with DJO Global.  I will be speaking on foot & ankle rehabilitation in relation to functional ankle instability, in addition to tendinopathy (depending on the time available to me!!!)

I was invited onto the faculty by Fortis knee surgeon, Adil Ajuied & in return for agreeing to speak at his event, he agreed to do an interview for the blog!  So, please read on to find out about Adil & the exciting conference he has been working hard to put together.

For more information about the course & the programme Adil has compiled, please click on the link below:

Adil Ajuied Knee Surgeon

OF:  Please could you introduce yourself in 10 words or less

AA:  Adil Ajuied consultant knee surgeon, teacher, trainer - always patient centred.

OF:  What is your keen area of interest & how does that involve a sporting population?

AA:  I exclusively treat conditions of the knee & at present 80% of cases are young sports people with joint or soft tissue pathology.

I am passionate about all aspects of soft tissue knee surgery, but in particular about meniscal preservation & patellofemoral joint (PFJ) instability.

OF:  What three characteristics contribute to your success in your career?  

AA:  I am able to understand my patientís problems as they relate to them personally, which allows me to join them on their journey to maximum function & return to sports.

I have had great teachers & trainers, throughout my own training & development.  In turn this has given me a passion for teaching & training others.

Travelling & working abroad has dramatically impacted on my practice. In particular the time I spent working & practicing in South Africa.


OF:  & what characteristics do you identify as needing to improve on to further your career?

AA:  I think that one must stay current & always be striving to seek out new ways of practicing to the benefit of your patients.

To this end, I attend the key national & international meetings, read & contribute to leading journals & make personal visits to clinics and hospital around the world. All of this informs my practice, helping me benchmark my practice against others.


OF:  If you could meet your 16 year old self & offer one wise nugget of advice, what would it be?

AA:  Focus is everything.


OF:  You are currently involved in the organisation, co-ordination & promotion of the London Sports Physiotherapy Conference in collaboration with DJO Global, which will take place on Saturday 14th September, 2013.  Whose idea was it to host the conference & what lead you to get involved in the organisation?

AA:  As I have mentioned, I have a very keen interest in training. I noticed however, that there was not much in the way of CPD being provided for Physiotherapists with an interest in sports injuries.  What there was often did not included senior physiotherapists or physiotherapy opinion leaders among their faculty.

Thus the idea was born, to have a mixed faculty, with physio opinion leaders joining with surgeons, for practitioners working with teams.

OF:  Please can you give a summary of what attendees can expect from the conference programme.

AA:  Attendees can expect a fun, exciting & informative day, with lots of opportunity to discuss & debate directly with the faculty.

Like any good meeting, I hope we will raise as many new questions in peopleís minds as we answer.


OF:  Who is the conference aimed at & in what way do you think they will benefit from attending?

AA:  The conference is aimed at all therapists working in sport, with an interest in a holistic approach to sports injuries.

OF:  Are there any available places left & if so, where can people register for the conference?

AA:  We still have places available at present & all those interested can sign up online at

Thank you Adil...I look forward to seeing you in London on 14th September, 2013!

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